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In this technology era it’s important you own some digital real estate. Websites and apps are a way to not only become more productive and make money but also become a true influencer. The earning potential of apps are not a secret. We focus on your needs, not transactions. When working with us expect clean designs, clean code and a great user experience for your users.

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What’s holding you back?

Tricky one. First, we need to think about your goals for this new development. Is the main focus to present information or is it task driven. Websites have become much more complex and functional than its origins. In general, websites provide content or information to be consumed. Apps, on the other hand, are about getting your user to complete tasks. For example, think of an app like Uber. It was developed to allow users to complete the tasks of getting from point A to point B. If this still have you a little confused, let’s talk specifically about your goals and vision.

Are they? Did you hear this from others or personal experience? The best part about technology is you often have many options. One on the biggest mistakes is some business owners want to build everything they can think of instead of what they need to prove it’s value. Focusing on the core functionality or features needed, is called your Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Let’s have a conversation to see if we can meet your budget.

It depends. What is the issue? Are you lacking traffic? Do you have traffic but you aren’t getting conversions? It’s important that you realize you have to set goals or objectives in order to reach them. So let’s start with defining your goals then backtrack to develop a solid strategy. In the future, we should start thinking of results before we even launch as there are many things that can done in parallel to save time and money.

That’s why you have us! But seriously, we get it. The idea of looking at code, hiring developers or not understanding in general is enough reason for anyone to become nervous. There are many horror stories floating around and we are glad to not be one of them. When working with Bleeding Bulb we won’t speak to you in a technical tone, if you aren’t technical. Instead we explain the process and answer questions about why and how we do things. Transparency is key and ensure your investment is safe is our priority.

No problem. We would love to learn about your ideas or situation! At Bleeding Bulb, we understand having ideas and not knowing how to shape them into reality. That’s why when you speak with us you will find that we first focus on understanding your goals and vision. After we are clear on your needs, we offer potential solutions. It’s free and painless. Simply schedule a meeting, call or fill out our contact us form. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Recent Projects

Ajani Property Management

Website developed to manage properties, manage invoicing, and content. Technologies include PHP, HTM

Maldon Translations

Web and iOS mobile application developed to translate audio, video, documents and text to ASL and vi


A mobile application to quickly send and respond to requests. Technologies include Objective-C, AWS


Student registration system to enroll and manage students. This application was developed using C#.


Auto invoicing system to manage customers and their orders. This application was built using Java.

Odyssey Fights

Mixed martial arts fighter and statistics management system. This application was developed using PH

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Don’t worry, our process is simple. To begin our partnership, it only requires a thirty minute consultation phone call. During this time we’ll assess your needs and discuss potential solutions to assist in accomplishing your goals. Upon agreeing on an approach and project terms, we get straight to it. Download our app to stay up-to-date with your projects progress.

Based on our agreed strategy, we will also ask you to accept an invite to Bulb Factory; an application we developed to help you manufacture digital strategies and catapult your business ahead of competition.

After obtaining all the information and requirements we need, we start prototyping to help you visually see your creation coming to life. All thumbs up? If so, we move on to implementation. Lastly, you receive a product that you are proud of that is driven and measured by metrics.

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