We build websites that effectively communicate your value while resonating with your audience.

When talking about digital real estate, your website is arguably the most valuable. This place of reference is in your control – unlike social media. You can update messaging, add or remove features and it can grow as you grow. Don’t give up the opportunity of having a marketing partner available 24/7 that speaks on your behalf to your ideal clients. The best part is our average website developed is typically under $5k.

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What’s holding you back?

Let’s start with thinking about why you need a website. Are you trying to sale something? Do you want to simply deliver information? These answers are important because your website should have goals. You should create the design and flow centered on sending your audience on a path to mutual success. You don’t have to step through this process alone as we are here to make sure your website properly represents you and your company.

If you would introduce your website to your dream client, we agree. Websites are often underutilized. This is your marketing partner that will never call out sick or ask for vacation. Let’s make sure your credibility isn’t in danger or cause your audience to flee. Your website should live up to or surpass your first impression that you typically give in person.

With any website you need to have a strategy. One of the biggest and most common misconceptions with websites is thinking if they build it, people will come. This is just not the case. It takes clearly defining goals and applying a strategy. We also want to make sure you add ways to track actions to compare with the goals set. This new data and insight will allow us to learn more about our audience and their behavior to better tweak your sales strategy or process.

This may sound creepy but you can literally see what people are doing on your website real-time if you chose to. Often times this isn’t necessary as there are plenty of other methods to collect valuable data. Knowing when buttons are clicked, if people scroll or how long users stay on a page can significantly impact your business. It’s even been proven that simply moving a button can exponentially increase conversions.

There is nothing cool about having an awesome website no one knows about. We totally get it. Generating traffic doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Do you need the traffic immediately or just over time? Understand more about your situation will allow us to assess the best options for you. There are plenty of people waiting to experience your company’s greatness; let’s give it to them.

There is nothing worse than having a great product or service that people would love if they could just understand what it was. Messaging greatly impacts sales and engagement. If you don’t properly communicate value and know how to tap into emotions, you will have an uphill battle to your sales goals. The best thing is you realize it is hindering your success and you are ready to do something about it.

Things happen but your can definitely avoid a lot of it. The key to a healthy website is to not ignore it. So many people pay for their website to be developed and think it is somehow immune to the dangers and technology advancements that happen everyday. We also understand you don’t have time to sit there babying a website you paid your hard earned money for. That’s why we have Maintenance and Metrics plans that aim to protect and keep your website optimized. Always remember no website, no matter the cost, is safe without regular checkups.

When you hired your designer, did you expect them to bring your vision in mind to life? Did you find yourself hand holding them instead? We know, it can be extremely frustrating. Maybe it’s just time for a change. No matter your reasoning, we have awesome designers, you can trust with your vision. At Bleeding Bulb, we start with learning you style by working with you to identify inspiration as art is subjective. Next you will experience the marrying of your vision and reality.

What’s the point of having a shiny vehicle without an engine? Yes, design is important but if functionality is needed, it’s useless. Many would say great developers are hard to find but maybe it’s because we have the best. Was that a good one or a little corny? Anyway, Deciding to partner with Bleeding Bulb will result in a few things. We will tease out your vision, requirements and deliver on time while sticking to the agreed budget.

No problem. We would love to learn about your ideas or situation! At Bleeding Bulb, we understand having ideas and not knowing how to shape them into reality. That’s why when you speak with us you will find that we first focus on understanding your goals and vision. After we are clear on your needs, we offer potential solutions. It’s free and painless. Simply schedule a meeting, call or fill out our contact us form. We look forward to hearing from you soon!