We are a little weird... don't judge us.

Formed in 2010, Bleeding Bulb is a strategic digital development shop that fell in love with small businesses. It was a match made in heaven. What caught our eye was the need for growth and services that were, at the time, unaffordable for smaller firms. Everyone likes to root for the underdog, right?

One of the things we find interesting about small businesses is that they are waiting to blossom into their own, like teenagers finding their way. Searching for purpose and identity. Full of potential, but needing a little guidance to find the right path.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. We want to be a part of your tribe. Sorry, was that too corny?!

What does Bleeding Bulb provide?

Guidance – When partnering with Bleeding Bulb, expect a group of people to stay with you until your baby is gaining momentum. That’s right. Annoying or not, we will be right there with you, continuing to push. With your permission, of course. We won’t sit back and watch you go down the wrong path.

Responsiveness – We have processes in place to ensure timely communication and product delivery. As a business owner, you want to know if your project is on schedule and when it will be delivered. We understand, so we keep you informed each step of the way.

Reliability – Our strategies are creative while following proven principles. The digital space is vast, and there are many options. There are also a lot of vendors and groups preying on business owners who lack the knowledge to make sound decisions.

Dedication – We understand that each company faces a different set of challenges, so we are flexible in our approach, making sure that your goals are met. We’re just a phone call or email away.

Complete solution – We show small businesses the way through education, services, and products. Our core services are digital strategy, websites, and apps. These are the most vital pieces necessary to grow your digital footprint and meet your business goals.

Education. Education. Education.

Education is the only way your business will grow its digital presence. The term “grow” is used intentionally because it happens over time. Meaning there is no secret, magic, or instant solution. Success takes time and focus.

We help you to find that focus and understand the concepts to make better decisions. We won’t let you blend in with the crowd. We provide services and products to keep you ahead of your competition.

Why choose us?

Our team is always looking for growing businesses that want to leverage the digital space to meet their goals. With more 40 highly trained developers and designers, we are confident in our ability to exceed our client's expectations. This confidence stems from 12+ years of satisfied and happy customers, and we want you to be our next success story. Although Bleeding Bulb is in Washington, D.C., we help clients all over the world.

Success is a beautiful thing, and we want to accompany you and your dream on that journey.
What do you say? Can we work together to take your business to the next level? Call Now.

Are you interested in meeting the weirdo who created Bleeding Bulb?

Ready to get started?

Don’t worry, our process is simple. To begin our partnership, it only requires a thirty minute consultation phone call. During this time we’ll assess your needs and discuss potential solutions to assist in accomplishing your goals. Upon agreeing on an approach and project terms, we get straight to it. Download our app to stay up-to-date with your projects progress.

Based on our agreed strategy, we will also ask you to accept an invite to Bulb Factory; an application we developed to help you manufacture digital strategies and catapult your business ahead of competition.

After obtaining all the information and requirements we need, we start prototyping to help you visually see your creation coming to life. All thumbs up? If so, we move on to implementation. Lastly, you receive a product that you are proud of that is driven and measured by metrics.

Ready to start?

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