"What's Killing my
Website or App Results?"

When it comes to websites and apps, success rarely appears without intention. Understand where you stand in your market and develop an irresistible strategy.

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Build Right the First Time

Everyone has ideas but people like you decide to execute on them. At Bleeding Bulb, we understand the process of launching, rebranding and developing your website or application. From increasing productivity in your workspace to taking the VC route, we have you covered. 

Can you Relate?

Overcome your challenges involving Tech and Strategy

I need tech but
I’m not technical

We need to
scale our business

My app needs
more traction

Our website is
too basic

I need an
accountability partner

Automate to scale

Let tech do what it does best

You and your team should focus on strategy and executing vision, not technology. Don't waste your brilliant minds on tedious unnecessary tasks.

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Increase Traction and Engagement

A product alone is not enough 

If you want your business or idea to be successful, you must be in tune with your audience. Meeting user expectations while meeting internal goals is a mixture of art and science.

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excited team

Prepare for accelerators and investors

Understand how they think

Every product and business isn't venture capital friendly but that doesn't mean you don't have options. No matter the case, we can leverage our experiences and relationships to help you get to the next level.

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Audit your Tech

Don't ignore your gut

No matter if you are technical or not, your products' success is your responsibility. Don't let delayed deliveries and poor performance snowball into situations avoidable.

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