Stop Losing Potential Customers Due to Website Issues

Frank Goodman | June 4, 2023

Stop Losing Potential Customers Due to Website Issues

Website design is more than just aesthetics. It’s about functionality, user-friendliness, and, most importantly, user experience. However, in this digital era, many businesses still get it wrong, causing frustrations for their users. Let’s highlight the seven top frustrations users experience on a website and provide solutions to rectify them.likely to convert into a customer, follower, or brand advocate. The power is in your hands.

Studies show potential customers will leave your website if they don’t find value within the first 3 seconds. Even if they make it past 3 seconds, broken links, slow page load times or navigation difficulties… WILL RESULT IN THEM LEAVING.

This is money and opportunities being left on the table. Your website should be your business cheerleader and 24/7 marketing employee!

Avoid the following to make sure the quality of your website lives up to the quality of your brand.

  • Slow Load Times

Users have limited patience. If your website takes more than a few seconds to load, they’re likely to abandon it.

Solution: Optimize your website for speed. Compress images, implement lazy loading, minimize HTTP requests, and leverage browser caching. Engaging the expertise of a web developer can be worthwhile to ensure smooth, speedy operation.

  • Complicated Navigation

If users can’t quickly and easily navigate your website, they’ll leave frustrated. Clear, intuitive navigation is key to retaining visitors.

Solution: Simplify your website’s navigation structure. Use clear, concise language, and avoid jargon. Make important information readily accessible. The rule of thumb is that any information should be reachable within three clicks.

  • Poor Mobile Optimization

Today, most web traffic comes from mobile devices. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re alienating a vast segment of your potential audience.

Solution: Adopt a responsive design that adjusts seamlessly to different screen sizes. Make sure buttons are easily clickable, text is legible, and navigation remains smooth on mobile devices.

  • Overly Intrusive Ads or Pop-ups

While ads are a legitimate monetization strategy, intrusive ads can irritate users and detract from your content’s value.

Solution: Use ads sparingly and strategically. Avoid pop-ups that cover important content. If you must use pop-ups, make them easy to close and ensure they don’t appear immediately after a user lands on your page.

  • Lack of Search Functionality

When users can’t find what they’re looking for quickly, it leads to frustration. A search function allows users to easily access the information they need.

Solution: Incorporate a search function, ideally with auto-suggestions, to help guide users. Make sure it’s in an easily visible location, usually the top right of a page.

  • Broken Links or 404 Errors

Nothing shatters user confidence more than clicking a link and finding nothing on the other end. It disrupts the browsing experience and may lead users to question your site’s reliability.

Solution: Regularly audit your website for broken links using online tools like Google’s Webmaster Tools or third-party services. Once detected, either remove the link or replace it with a working one.

  • Poor Content Layout

Text-heavy pages, small fonts, and lack of clear headings can make your content hard to read, causing strain and frustration for the user.

Solution: Embrace white space. Break up content into smaller, digestible sections using subheadings, bullet points, and images. Choose fonts and colors that are easy on the eye.


In conclusion, enhancing the user experience should be at the heart of your website design strategy. By addressing these common frustrations, you’re on your way to creating a website that’s not only visually appealing but also user-friendly and engaging. Remember, a happy user is far more

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