From a Simple Website to a Complete Solution

This story is about one of our clients, a law firm which started with a simple task that morphed into a productivity solution.

A mutual colleague referred this client to us because they needed a website. Of course, cool, set it up! After a phone call with Edgar and Marcia of McCree Ndjatou, we discovered they already had a website, but it was recently hacked with malicious code and flagged by Google as unsafe.

If you search for a company and click on the link only to see a red banner from Google saying this website is dangerous, would you click on it? Please don’t!

We discussed how we could look into removing the virus, which would have resulted in billed hours. Because their website was old, they didn’t want to go through the hassle of dealing with the virus. They decided on a fresh start.

We discussed their goals for the website, prototyped it with mockups, and developed the code. In short, they were more than pleased with the results. Before finishing the project, we started talking about being efficient and effective in the office, and we walked through their existing process and system.

From this conversation, we identified gaps that could be filled with existing software and modifications to the new website. In the beginning, we explained to Edgar and Marcia that we wanted to build a website that would grow with them. Now was the time to put our words into action.

We went on to integrate a scheduling system so that their clients could schedule their own appointments. It also included a payment tracker, file management system to distribute content, and custom forms to quickly collect information.

Changes like this make a difference in your office or practice, and we know time is money. Growth hacking is about reducing costs, anyway we can. To take it further, we also believe streamlining processes boosts morale so that staff can focus on more meaningful items to achieve your company’s ultimate goal.