5 Tools Your Website Needs to Generate More Leads

Even though you’ve spent countless hours developing your site, it’s never finished.

generate-more-leadsA website is essential for promoting your business by selling your products or services. So, unless you have enough profits – who does?! – constantly improve it using new tools and marketing tactics.

This is especially true for lead-driven sites. You can sit around waiting to get emails or messages, or you can be proactive and find successful ways to attract customers.

5 tools to generate high-quality leads

1. Conversion stats

This consists of detailed information provided by Google Analytics or other statistics applications. It provides information about everything from the number of visitors to how many are converting and paying for an item in their shopping cart.

tools-to-generate-leadsConversion stats tell you exactly where your visitors and paying clients come from. In some instances, the details may be quite specific, including gender, age, and occupation. This data can also tell you which pages are performing well and leading to that conversion, as well as what people avoid.

You must sign up for website statistics in advance. If you sign up today, you will not see what happened in the last year or even yesterday. The sooner you sign up, the faster you see how your site performs.

To set up a Google Analytics account, start here.

Watch this video to learn more:

2. Live online chat

setting-up-live-chatThis is a low-cost option with a pop-up window at the bottom or top of your site. When a visitor enters your site, they can click on the live chat box and ask any questions they have.

Live chat works well for all online businesses, not only for merchant-oriented sites. Be available to answer questions about your services, e-books, local services, or just about anything.

Live chat offers a fast way to connect with potential clients. You will impress customers because they don’t have to wait days for a response. If your competitors don’t have this option, it is a plus for your site. If they have it and you don’t, it is likely to hurt you.

PureChat is one option, but there are many others.

3. Exit popup offer

Even when you have the most engaging site, once a visitor leaves, they may forget about you. There is a lot vying for a person’s attention online. Set up an exit offer at the bottom of your landing page or upon exit.

This offer can be as simple as asking for their first name and email address to receive a discount or free product. Don’t ask for a lot of details because you’ll lose their trust.

Be aware that pop-ups at the beginning of a site visit often alienate customers, and Google is starting to penalize these sites. But exit pop-up offers are always good, and later you can send a message to your potential client inviting them to come back for a discount.

You can learn more about exit pop-up tools here.

4. Testimonials & credentials

generate-more-leads-with-testimonialsDo you have lots of happy and satisfied customers? Do they send messages about how you improved their lives or small businesses? If so, capitalize on this information. Add testimonials, which should include a first name, location, and the product or service used.

You can also include any awards your business has won. If you’re a member of the local Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau, note these credentials on your site.

Some businesses include a few bad reviews. These make the five-star reviews more real, which generates more trust with your customers.

5. Explainer video

Even for the simplest website, an explainer video can convert traffic. These videos have been proven to increase conversions considerably.

Many people prefer videos rather than scrolling through endless text to find your site’s message. The explainer video entertains the viewer and tells your visitor what your site is about and why it is important to them. You direct them to the next step, which may be contacting you for more details or placing an order.

Your video should be high-quality with excellent sound. It doesn’t need to be professional and stuffy, but it should be of a quality that reflects your brand. Edit out pauses and aim for a 60-second video.

To give you some ideas, this site has a variety of explainer videos.

We also found some great ideas regarding the style of these videos:

Add these 5 tools today!

Did you think your website was complete and could sit back and wait for the orders to pour in? Nope! A site owner’s work is never done. The content must constantly evolve with new technology.

Even if you just play around with the font size or button colors, you’re improving your site to generate more leads.

Add these five tools to your website today for higher quality leads. You’ll soon see a difference and be on your way to greater revenue!

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