What's Killing my App Results?

When it comes to websites and apps, success rarely appears without intention. Understand where you stand in your market and develop an irresistible strategy.

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I would consider myself...

Not a technical person but I have a great idea

I'm technical but I don't have time to build my app

What is the main goal of your app?

Streamline my internal processes

I want to turn it into a business

Go IPO or get acquired

Not sure yet

The best way to describe the state of my app is...

It's just an idea at the moment

Building a community without the product while facilitating focus groups

Currently being developed

Live via web, Google Play and/or the Apple Store

My app is...

A new concept that requires education

An idea that exists but I have some special sauce

What best describes your traction or engagement

I shared mockups with a few friends and they said they liked it

Strangers are starting to show excitement about our release or using the app

I am experiencing exponential growth so we need to keep up

How are people learning about your app or idea

I use my network

I am running marketing campaigns

We are currently going viral from word of mouth

It's internal so no need to market

What's your business model?

B2B SaaS tool with subscriptions

Transaction fees or advertisements

Money is made through efficiency savings

Calm down... I haven't gotten this far

Where do your customers live

I'm starting local but may extend beyond

Location doesn't matter for my app

How many testimonials or case studies do you have?

I don't have testimonials or case studies

I'm confident I can get users to leave testimonials if I ask

I have testimonials, public achievements and/or acknowledgements

What would you consider you greatest challenge?

Managing tech or team

Getting customers to pay

Getting customers to stay or return

Engagement or the attention it deserves