What's Killing my Website Results?

When it comes to websites and apps, success rarely appears without intention. Understand where you stand in your market and develop an irresistible strategy.

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My website talks more about…

My business and why we’re so amazing!

My customers’ problems and how we solve them.

How many pages does your website have?



Over 10

My website’s design…

Is ugly and I know it!

Gets the job done.

Gets compliments from customers - they think it looks great!

How many testimonials, reviews or case studies does your website have?



Over 10

None yet!

Do you offer a lead magnet on your website?

Yes, it’s prominently featured on my site!

Technically yes but it’s hard to find.


What’s a lead magnet?

My website performance...

Sucks! It's slow or buggy and I know it

I haven't heard complaints but I know it could be better

Smooth sailing over here!

Where do most of your customers live?

Local - Mostly within driving distance.

Everywhere and anywhere!

My offerings...

People understand what we offer as it is common in the marketplace.

We offer something familiar but our twist on it requires a little education.

We basically live in a new category that most people have never considered - but if they knew about it, they would want it.