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No matter if you are looking to develop an amazing user experience for your users or update your marketing material, design matters. As we know, first impressions are important and they can be directly connected to trust. The question now is, why fit in, when you can stand out. Show that you care about your brand and want to be recognized.

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Calm down… calm down… we can help you! What do you need designed? A logo, letterhead, business cards, flyer or some other piece of marketing material? At Bleeding Bulb, we understand design is more than a drawing. It represents you. It represents your brand. Let’s make sure the colors, font and flow communicate the right message.

Smart move! Mockups can save tons of time and money as they can be used to guide your development team, define flow or validate an idea. Our team works with you to make sure your application delivers an user experience that keeps your users productive or engaged. We would love to hear more about your vision and show you what it can look like to the world.

Some business owners arbitrarily choose a graphic they think looks cool. The question is does it represent you? Colors, font, and words all represent something. When making a logo we also want to consider how it will be applied. For example, if you had a really intricate design, how would it look on a letterhead, as an app icon or even an embroidered shirt. Not thinking in this mindset can result in higher accessories cost and expensive rebranding campaigns.

Depending on what you are looking to communicate, this may definitely be the right medium. Art is what many say, art is a universal language. No matter your ethnic background or location, we can all understand art. Are you looking to explain a process so it can be easily digested? Our infographics are a great way to do that. Maybe a catchy flyer? We can help with that too! Let’s talk about this message you have in your mind.

No problem. We would love to learn about your ideas or situation! At Bleeding Bulb, we understand having ideas and not knowing how to shape them into reality. That’s why when you speak with us you will find that we first focus on understanding your goals and vision. After we are clear on your needs, we offer potential solutions. It’s free and painless. Simply schedule a meeting, call or fill out our contact us form. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Don’t worry, our process is simple. To begin our partnership, it only requires a thirty minute consultation phone call. During this time we’ll assess your needs and discuss potential solutions to assist in accomplishing your goals. Upon agreeing on an approach and project terms, we get straight to it. Download our app to stay up-to-date with your projects progress.

Based on our agreed strategy, we will also ask you to accept an invite to Bulb Factory; an application we developed to help you manufacture digital strategies and catapult your business ahead of competition.

After obtaining all the information and requirements we need, we start prototyping to help you visually see your creation coming to life. All thumbs up? If so, we move on to implementation. Lastly, you receive a product that you are proud of that is driven and measured by metrics.

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