There are hundreds of social media platforms on the web, but some are more popular than others – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, SnapChat, and Periscope.

floating-logos-of-various-social-mediaBut how do you know where you are supposed to focus your strategy for digital marketing? Which of these platforms is going to be the best marketing funnel for your business?

Not all platforms are suitable for every company. Some work better than others. It’s important to understand the details of each platform to get the highest impact.

To begin, it’s best to have an understanding of what each social media platform actually does.

Below we describe each so that you can choose which ones are the best investment. When reading these descriptions, think about how you can utilize their features to market your product or service.


facebook-logoThis is the most popular web platform today. It has over one billion people signing on every day. Hundreds of thousands more users are in the Groups and Pages. Facebook uses text, images, and videos.

Facebook is extremely active all over the world. It’s rare to find someone who hasn’t heard of it. By the end of 2017, estimates are that 2 billion people will be on Facebook.

Facebook is an essential tool for assisting current and future buyers in finding you on the net. It’s as valuable as the Yellow Pages used to be.

Facebook may be more important than a website. You can also sell your products and services directly.


twitter-logoTwitter is a controversial platform that users either love or hate. It is always active. The downside is that your message can be lost in the volume of traffic.

Although Twitter includes some images, the primary focus is on short messages. The goal is to have these retweeted. You can also encourage people to visit your Facebook page or website.

Used correctly, it’s an excellent way to educate readers about your brand.


pinterest-logoPinterest is a site where photographs and images are the focus, rather than text. Pinterest is a site where photographs and images are the focus rather than text. You can add links to your graphics, which can lead paying customers to your site. Adding Shopify, which is available to U.S. customers, allows you to sell products directly.

This is a great platform for ensuring that you can share your brand with many people. It will also assist your buyers in sharing your product with others easily.

Pinterest is a great way to have access to a marketing funnel for your digital marketing plan.


tumblr-logoTumblr is a way to share your ideas and products. It operates like a viral social media platform and is a way to gain followers. Tumblr works much like a blog does but has simplicity on its side.

If you’re confused by WordPress, Tumblr is a great place to start. With the addition of tags, your posts are shared across an audience.

Tumblr reaches a larger audience faster than simply posting on other blogs.


youtube-logoYouTube is a platform that focuses on videos. If your goal is to make a significant difference in the lives of your clients, then consider this option.

Many people have given up watching television because of YouTube. It’s addicting and a way to gather a following if your video goes viral. This platform needs to be a focus for your marketing funnel.

YouTube can be used to market your own products and services. But you must provide entertaining and viral videos. Boring, unedited videos will hurt your business.

YouTube can be instrumental in creating a viral following.


Instagram has many new followers each day. This platform attracts younger clients and ensures that you have access to the new features in digital marketing. Not only can you integrate stores such as Shopify, but you can also add links to your site and blog.

instagram-logoInstagram is another platform that is photography-based. It has numerous women of all ages, cat lovers, and creative people. If you sell products or services to young women or the millennial generation, your target market can be found on Instagram.

Instagram gives you access to younger audiences.


Of all the social media platforms, this one is growing the fastest. It’s growing like gangbusters at the moment because it’s newer. Also, people are learning about new brands they’ve never heard of before.

snapchat-logoOne problem with the app though is that videos and images self-destruct. So, you must hit your target market hard and fast. The Snapchat audience appeals to a younger crowd with a short attention span.

Snapchat also has a messaging function, which can be used to connect to consumers.

Snapchat is another way to address younger audiences, but your message needs to be targeted and compelling.


Periscope was a predecessor before Facebook Live, and it has a loyal audience. It works on both iOS and Android systems, with live-streaming videos easily shared on Facebook. Twitter owns Periscope, so you can Tweet when you’re going live.

Periscope-logoUse a tablet or smartphone to create your scope, which is their term for a broadcast. Viewers can send hearts to the broadcaster, who determines whether to allow comments or not. There is no way to save your video for future use, however.

There is a function to block people, which has the advantage of booting them from the scope. Troublesome viewers can also become blocked from the app entirely.

For loyal audiences, consider Periscope.

Each one of these platforms has a strength that needs to be understood by business owners. Adjust your digital marketing strategy to the features and capabilities of the social media platforms best suited to your market.

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