Setting Up Your Virtual Development Team – What to Expect

At Bleeding Bulb, we offer highly skilled engineers to staff your virtual development team to meet the needs of your business goals. Our process is simple. It all starts with a phone call.


7 Steps to Setting Up Your Virtual Development Team

1. Understand – On a call via phone or Skype, we spend approximately 30 minutes asking targeted questions to understand your business’ goals and needs.
2. Deeper dive – Within 48 hours, we have a follow-up conversation to discuss your project in greater detail. During this call, we analyze your project, hash out the technical details, and ensure we can meet or exceed your expectations. If this is an existing project, you may allow us access to your code.
3. Options – Based on our conversation, we recommend the number of resources, experience levels, and time dedication – part-time or full-time – necessary to meet the discussed goals. At this time, we provide resumes and rates for each development resource.
4. Interview – Now that you agree with the selection of resumes, let’s set up a chat. That’s right! We figure you would want to talk to them before bringing them on board.
5. Handshake – It’s time to adopt your new engineer. We send the documents to sign, along with the first month’s invoice.

welcome-to-virtual-development-team6. Kick-off meeting – We’re just about there. Excited?! Before hitting the ground running, we conduct a meeting to discuss the project expectations and requirements of Steps 2 and 3. If you gave us access to the code, you will be excited to know your team has already been studying it.
7. Beat the pavement – The time is now. Let’s get started! On day one, you have all contact information to your resources including email and Skype ID. You will also receive point of contact details to one of our staff in our U.S. office.

Price breakdown

When developing a virtual development team, you have two options.

choose-your-best-virtual-development-otpionOption #1 – Use our dependable development resources for full-time support.
Option #2 – Choose part-time help.

This project breakdown is meant to help you understand how our pricing structure works. Let’s begin, shall we?

Let’s say you’re building a mobile app with a web interface for analytics. During Step 3 of our process, Options, you realize that you need a development team.

• A full-time senior iOS developer
• A junior PHP developer for the API work
• A part-time front end resource for design


We’ve got your perfect team!

Yes, we are a full stack development shop, which means we can handle every aspect of developing your application.

Gain control of your virtual development team

Your full-time developers are available 40 hours a week as expected. If your business needs the resources available during specific times, just submit a request. We adapt to your needs!


Now that the resources are identified, let’s take a look at the rates. The prices discussed are sample rates.

If you were quoted a rate of $2,500 for the Senior iOS developer, $2,100 for the junior PHP developer, and $1,100 for the part-time front end developer. These rates are monthly.

This means you are responsible for paying $5,700 monthly. For this amount, you have complete control of all daily and weekly tasks. In the event you want to add or remove a resource, give us a call, and we will process your request. It’s that simple.

Meet the virtual development team that delivers


Our developers are vetted and ready to work. We pride ourselves on being self-motivated and goal driven. We deliver quality results.

The best part for you is there are no commitments. Why? We stand behind our services and know that once you experience Bleeding Bulb, we will become long-term partners. You can count on our virtual development team!

Call us if you need anything! Remember, your success is our success.

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