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mobile app development services

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It doesn’t cost as much as you may think. Let’s build something.

If you walk down the street or step in a restaurant you will find people glued to their phones. Apps have become so integrated in our everyday life, it’s hard to imagine when they didn’t exist. This is all opportunity. Imagine if you great idea was one of the reasons people were glued. How would that change your life?

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Apps are too expensive

Expensive is relative to your budget. At Bleeding Bulb, the average app cost is under $20k. At face value anything can sound expensive but let’s discuss the value you receive when working with us. The development process is about more than building an app. We have to think about the your project from a more holistic view. We need to consider conducting idea validation, marketing before and after launch, design, branding, needed analytics/metrics, user experience and an overall strategy in general if we want to increase our chances for success. The best part is you don’t have to walk through this process alone. Our dedicated team will give you the information, professionalism and performance you deserve. We make sure your hard earned money counts.

I’m not sure if my app idea is viable

The fact that you have detached yourself enough from your baby to questions its value is very commendable. Seriously. We as people and especially entrepreneurs tend to be very emotional. We get an idea and just want to run with it. No testing the marketing, being open to feedback or anything. Sometimes this is the perfect formula but more often, it’s not. Before developing applications, we always encourage our clients to work with us to conduct surveys and competitive research. You don’t have to develop an app to prove value and need exists.

Technology scares me

Then we are a great match! Life is always easier when you surround yourself with people that compliment you. The truth is, technology doesn’t have to be scary just because you are unaware or less comfortable with it. At Bleeding Bulb, you won’t feel intimidated with technical jargon as we explain our process in layman terms and are fully transparent in the way we operate. Don’t be surprised if you become excited to speak technology after your project.

I need a way to define and track success and user engagement

It’s great you are interested in ways to make sure your app has the best possible chance of achieving success. Metrics are very important in the digital world. Data drives business decisions, provides sponsorship opportunities and holds team members accountable. Tracking data is good but knowing what to track makes all the difference.

My developer is amazing, but my designer sucks

Some people think the gold is in the functionality but we understand just as much gold is in the designer. A poor user experience and design can deter the most qualified prospect to flee. No matter if you need our services for a specific project, ongoing full-time support or ongoing part-time support, we are here for you.

My developer is amazing, but my designer sucksI have a great designer, but my developer is no good

Sorry to hear that. Hopefully you didn’t lose too much money or time. We may not be able to give you back the time or money lost but we can make sure you don’t run into that situation again. We have heard the craziest horror stories from our clients including getting scammed with fake code, disappearing developers and the list goes on. That’s why we are so passionate about educating our clients to ensure they never become a victim. Let’s start coding.

My app needs a face lift

Is the look of your app stopping your users from engaging? Dated looking apps have been proven to suffer from loneliness. Think about the apps your frequent. Don’t they look professional and deliver an engaging experience? No one wants to open an old app on a new phone so let’s spruce up your app and watch the interest and engagement increase.

I just need to talk

No problem. We would love to learn about your ideas or situation! At Bleeding Bulb, we understand having ideas and not knowing how to shape them into reality. That’s why when you speak with us you will find that we first focus on understanding your goals and vision. After we are clear on your needs, we offer potential solutions. It’s free and painless. Simply schedule a meeting, call or fill out our contact us form. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Ready to get started?

Don’t worry, our process is simple. To begin our partnership, it only requires a free, thirty-minute consultation phone call. During this time, we’ll assess your needs and discuss potential solutions to assist in accomplishing your goals. Upon agreeing on an approach and project terms, we get straight to it. Download our app to stay up-to-date with your project’s progress.

Based on our agreed strategy, we also ask you to accept an invite to Bulb Factory, which is an application we developed to help you manufacture digital strategies and catapult your business ahead of competition.

After obtaining all the information and requirements we need, we start prototyping to help you visually see your creation coming to life. All thumbs up? If so, we move on to implementation. Lastly, you receive a product that you are proud of that is driven and measured by metrics.

Your business can start on a journey to lower overhead, more visibility, and an increase in sales. It all starts with a simple click here.

Give Us a Call

  • Understand

    Call us so we can learn more about your business and how we can make your life easier and increase revenue.

    In this initial 30-minute conversation, we ask targeted questions to identify which services will accomplish your goals. But honestly, your first question is… How much is all this going to cost? We discuss price ranges in this first call so that you will have a general idea of the budget.

  • Bulb App

    The Bulb App allows seamless communication between the two of us. This is where we present our proposal to you, which will include options for your project along with more detailed pricing. It is also where NDAs and service and sales agreements are signed and stored. All invoicing and payments are completed here. We make the paperwork easy.

  • Follow-up

    After you read our proposal in the Bulb app, we schedule a second, more in-depth conversation. We explain the strategy, but you decide which options and direction to take. Now is the time to make modifications and ask any remaining questions.

  • Handshake

    Once we agree on a strategy, you accept the proposal and make the initial payment in the Bulb app.

  • Bulb Factory

    Bleeding Bulb uses this tool to educate our clients. If you choose the Website package, you will learn how to create a unifying message that targets your customers, leverages your competition, and builds partnerships. The Ultimate package adds to that and teaches you about SEO techniques, website traffic, and email sequencing. Not everyone wants to learn, but we want to educate those who do.

  • Design

    After signing on the dotted line, we design your product or service.

    For products, we produce mock-ups and wireframes to quickly show you how your product will look. If you want changes, we continue to modify the designs until we agree on the direction. This process saves both time and money, so your product will be delivered faster!

    For services, we diagnose the issues and then research possible solutions and approaches, stopping only when we both agree that we’ve discovered a complete solution.

  • Bulb Moment

    With agreement on the strategy and design, you give us the go ahead to start developing the solution.

  • Create

    Our Agile development process involves continuous feedback. Using this approach, you will see your product grow over time instead of spending months in the dark. You are assured that progress is constantly made.

  • Accept

    Once development is complete, we deliver a working product to you along with the metrics we compiled while building and testing the product.

  • Transfer

    After making the final payment, we transfer everything to you.

  • Maintain

    At the end of the project, you have the option to purchase insurance. For a monthly fee, we track metrics, fix bugs, provide updates, and restore your site in case of failure, even in extreme situations like hijacking or ransom.