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Ready to grow your business?

Want to increase sales and your customer base?

To stand out in a noisy marketplace, you need a strategy.

Business Optimization

Focus on growing your business by exploring ways to save time and money.

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Bulb Factory

This educational course teaches you how to develop strategies to excel in the digital space and reach your full potential.

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Online Audit

Ensure your website is as productive as possible by analyzing SEO techniques, link integrity, and response times.

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Online Marketing

Generate buzz and increased traffic to turn prospective clients into leads and paying customers.

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What is growth hacking?

Growth hacking is a fancy term for growing your business through every means possible. You are hacking at your business to increase efficiency, exposure, and revenue. Growth hacking is an ingenious concept that focuses on both conventional and unconventional marketing and business process strategies to grow your enterprise and increase profits. Our creative approach to streamlining workflows, cutting overhead, and effective outreach is the key to expanding to the next level.

Tailoring strategies to your business

At Bleeding Bulb, we understand your requirements are different, so we never provide cookie-cutter solutions. Our first step is to learn your business and understand your goals, vision, and mission. With this information, we ensure that our proposed plans are properly aligned.

But wait, it’s not that simple… we need your help!

Don’t expect us to simply hand you a strategy

At Bleeding Bulb, we are hands-on when it comes to building your brand and highlighting the thought leader who you are. Along with custom-built solutions, we offer marketing, white hat SEO, social media development, outreach services, growth hack products, Free Downloads, Bulb Factory, productivity apps and our blog to help you stay ahead of the pack.

Even though we grow and maintain your relationships in the industry and deliver leads, you are responsible for closing the deal. That’s right, we put the opportunities in your lap, but you must make the decisions.

Bulb Factory is an online course designed to teach you how to develop a solid strategy for your business, incorporate SEO without losing sight of your company’s objectives, and much more. Increase your understanding of strategies in the digital world. Visit Bulb Factory

Tired of exchanging time for money?

We totally get it! There are physical limitations when you are the primary contact and the brains of the operation. The only way to get out of this predicament is to create a process that can be taught to others. Once this process is perfected, focus on automating it.

No matter the route you choose, we are with you every step of the way. Give us a call.

What is white hat SEO?

SEO is a buzzword that stands for Search Engine Optimization. This tool is essential to make your business, services, and products discoverable online. Google expects certain things from you as an online content provider to be considered valuable and trustworthy.

Certain aspects of SEO are categorized as white hat and black hat. In the simplest form, white hat is the way Google wants you to build your presence, and black hat is the attempt to cut corners to deliver faster results to clients who aren’t informed of the risks.

That’s right. Some business owners pay thousands of dollars to their SEO consultants to provide what seems like progress only to find out later that Google could remove the content from their index at any point.

Work with Google, not against them

Yes, Google can remove you from being searchable for trying to cheat their algorithm. Some are ok with this risk, but we aren’t. If Bleeding Bulb can discover that you are performing black hat strategies, don’t you think one of the richest and most resourceful companies in the world can do the same?

The truth is Google penalizes websites all the time for trying to scam their algorithm. We won’t put your business at risk.

Some assume you can’t achieve outsized results playing by the rules, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Like anything, approaching SEO the correct way and with the right strategy is more effective than using black hat. As always, the strategy sets companies apart.

Call us to learn how we can help your business grow.

How healthy is your website?

We offer online audits to check for errors, broken links, improper SEO techniques, load time, and responsiveness that may impede your growth strategy. It isn’t uncommon for a business owner to already have a team in place but want a second opinion on their progress or lack thereof Request an online audit.

Educate yourself with Bulb Factory

Bulb Factory is an interactive online application that takes a holistic approach to meeting your business goals. Leverage Bulb Factory to develop digital knowledge and a killer growth strategy. Essentially, we focus on shaping your mindset and teach you important concepts. Our approach involves 8 hands-on weekly modules. Correct, you are not just watching videos and taking notes. These modules include: My Company, Target Audience, Competition, Partnerships, Website & SEO Breakdown, Traffic, Email Nurturing, and Sales Funnel.

While working through Bulb Factory, you search, upload, enter data, and receive regular feedback. Sound intense? It is! However, everything presented is pertinent and well explained. We are here to help. Upon completion of this strategic course, you will be a force to be reckoned with. You gain a firm foundation of the tools to leverage, how to use them, and when they will produce results. With this knowledge, you will not be taken advantage of by digital consultants, and you are ready to execute your marketing strategy with or without us.

Yep, the secrets and black smoke are over. No longer will you worry about not being technical enough to make an informed decision. The digital age is here, and now is not the time to resist. It’s time to catch up and move ahead! Learn more about Bulb Factory

Quick Note: Bulb Factory is guaranteed to help you gain leads, or you get your money back. Yes, we are that confident that the strategies provided will not only grow your business but change your mindset forever.

Learn more about Bulb Factory

Making money off products, services, and outreach isn’t the only part of a growth strategy.

Business optimization lowers overhead and increases employees’ job satisfaction. Processes that aren’t efficient or effective not only hurt your growth but could kill the morale of your once esteemed employees. We feel it’s important to allow humans to do what they were designed to do… think.

Don’t waste creative potential by forcing employees to perform rote, mechanical labor.

We promote “all brains on deck” and feel everyone should focus on achieving goals. If you want to grow, then you must pay attention to all angles of your business. This is why Bleeding Bulb is unique. We get it. We know the world is full of tools, but none of them alone bring you success. It takes understanding and strategy. Let’s talk about your business goals. No matter the strategy you are looking for, it all starts the same way… with a phone call.

Give us a call

Want to learn how Bulb Factory can increase your revenue?

Ready to get started?

Don’t worry, our process is simple. To begin our partnership, it only requires a free, thirty-minute consultation phone call. During this time, we’ll assess your needs and discuss potential solutions to assist in accomplishing your goals. Upon agreeing on an approach and project terms, we get straight to it. Download our app to stay up-to-date with your project’s progress.

Based on our agreed strategy, we also ask you to accept an invite to Bulb Factory, which is an application we developed to help you manufacture digital strategies and catapult your business ahead of competition.

After obtaining all the information and requirements we need, we start prototyping to help you visually see your creation coming to life. All thumbs up? If so, we move on to implementation. Lastly, you receive a product that you are proud of that is driven and measured by metrics.

Your business can start on a journey to lower overhead, more visibility, and an increase in sales. It all starts with a simple click here.

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Give Us a Call

  • Understand

    Call us so we can learn more about your business and how we can make your life easier and increase revenue.

    In this initial 30-minute conversation, we ask targeted questions to identify which services will accomplish your goals. But honestly, your first question is… How much is all this going to cost? We discuss price ranges in this first call so that you will have a general idea of the budget.

  • Bulb App

    The Bulb App allows seamless communication between the two of us. This is where we present our proposal to you, which will include options for your project along with more detailed pricing. It is also where NDAs and service and sales agreements are signed and stored. All invoicing and payments are completed here. We make the paperwork easy.

  • Follow-up

    After you read our proposal in the Bulb app, we schedule a second, more in-depth conversation. We explain the strategy, but you decide which options and direction to take. Now is the time to make modifications and ask any remaining questions.

  • Handshake

    Once we agree on a strategy, you accept the proposal and make the initial payment in the Bulb app.

  • Bulb Factory

    Bleeding Bulb uses this tool to educate our clients. If you choose the Website package, you will learn how to create a unifying message that targets your customers, leverages your competition, and builds partnerships. The Ultimate package adds to that and teaches you about SEO techniques, website traffic, and email sequencing. Not everyone wants to learn, but we want to educate those who do.


  • Design

    After signing on the dotted line, we design your product or service.

    For products, we produce mock-ups and wireframes to quickly show you how your product will look. If you want changes, we continue to modify the designs until we agree on the direction. This process saves both time and money, so your product will be delivered faster!

    For services, we diagnose the issues and then research possible solutions and approaches, stopping only when we both agree that we’ve discovered a complete solution.

  • Bulb Moment

    With agreement on the strategy and design, you give us the go ahead to start developing the solution.

  • Create

    Our Agile development process involves continuous feedback. Using this approach, you will see your product grow over time instead of spending months in the dark. You are assured that progress is constantly made.

  • Accept

    Once development is complete, we deliver a working product to you along with the metrics we compiled while building and testing the product.

  • Transfer

    After making the final payment, we transfer everything to you.

  • Maintain

    At the end of the project, you have the option to purchase insurance. For a monthly fee, we track metrics, fix bugs, provide updates, and restore your site in case of failure, even in extreme situations like hijacking or ransom.


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We love our customers, and they love us, too!

Our clients mean everything to us. At Bleeding Bulb, we understand every project is unique, and each business owner has different goals. This is why we take the time to learn about you, your company, and your objectives. We look out for your best interests. We want to build a relationship, so we are always available. Yep, if you ever need us, we’re just a call or email away. Take a moment to hear what a few of our existing customers have to say about the quality of our service and work ethic.

We want to hear your story!

Glad we could help

Glad we could help

Glad we could help