Marketing is more than running ads and posting on social media

When we talk marketing, we have to think about your brand. NOT LOGO, brand. In order to connect with your audience, you must understand your audience and demonstrate value in a compelling way. We focus on campaigns that puts your business in the position of easy adoption and scale.

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What’s holding you back?

Believe it or not this isn’t uncommon. Often times this comes from lack of culture or general communication from management. Let’s start with asking some questions to your staff. Are they motivated? Are you goals clear and measurable? Do they understand why your goals are so important? Bottom line is we need to make sure you are leading by example, providing boundaries and developing a process to address violators.

This is probably the number one concern for most small business owners like you and rightfully so. The number one reason for small business failure is cash flow. Lucky for you, we can help you develop a grow plan. The plan will start with you shifting your mindset as more customers isn’t always to optimal solution for more revenue or profit.

Do you have a brand or a company? What’s your brand’s personality? Why do you want more people to know about your company? Are you trying to sell something or you just want the likes? Brand awareness is important but we have to have a goal. We need to understand our target audience and their needs. Value is everything. If we create value, with a marketing and branding strategy in place, your target audience will flock your way.

Lacking structure and direction can lead to a lack of team motivation and morale in general. How can we become successful if we don’t know what we don’t know the metrics we are chasing. How can we call ourselves a company if we don’t have defined teams. Everyone in your organization should understand their value and purpose. Each member and team has roles and expectations. The job now is to define and implement them.

We honestly feel every business owner does so don’t feel bad. Always remember everyone has strengths and weaknesses. The sooner you define yours, the closer you are getting to success. If you are known to procrastinate and be disorganized, own it. To be clear, this doesn’t mean your business should accept you as you are and just get over it. No. You need to work hard at potentially breaking habits or joining with others that compliment you. Acknowledging this is the first step so congratulations to you! When working with Bleeding Bulb we basically become family. You will get random and scheduled calls to make sure you are following through with your commitments along the way to business success.

Ever heard of the Oprah effect? If you aren’t ready for growth, it can kill your business without the possibility of recovery. As you may know, building a brand is difficult but ruining it is easy. This is why we are so happy you are thinking about this now! At Bleeding Bulb we shadow staff and understand your business processes from a holistic view. No two businesses are the same and we realize that. This process may result in added technology, team realignment or documentation.

Are you looking for likes or do you want engaging followers that interact with your posts? There is a big difference between becoming an influencer, showing you exist and shooting for the most likes and follows on the platform. We need to start with your goals and identify how social media can be integrated your strategy. In general, without a plan, social media for your company is pointless.

Take a deep breath, it’s ok. Running a business can be very complicated. There are so many buzzwords, products and services that all promise instant results. I can guarantee you will never hear that from us. Did that scare you? Want results immediately? The truth is the most impactful results take time and effort. We work with you to find the most cost effective optimal path to your business goals. We can’t wait to watch your business skyrocket.

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