How to Attract More Comments on Your Social Media Posts

Comments are extremely important on social media posts. They show that your audience is listening and that you’re not just a small e-commerce business that no one buys from.

If you have comments on Facebook, Twitter, or other social platforms, then people are taking the time to look at what you are posting. They are reacting and thinking about what you said.

To learn why things go viral, watch this video:

People take action and buy from people who have more comments. Social media posts assist you in creating trust for your brand. You may receive a few negatives reactions, but those one-star ratings can make the five-star ones more real.

Don’t worry if you have few responses so far. Move forward and get great comments for your newer content by following Bleeding Bulb’s tips.

Here are 5 ways that you can get more social media comments

connected-bubbles-filled-with-people-from-the-world1. Viral content

It may seem strange, but there is nothing like the power of a good cat video to help boost your content rankings. When you have viral content, people go to your site to see the rest of your content. They are attracted by the viral underpinnings you created.

People also comment more on viral content. Some come just to read the responses. They don’t care about the article, photos, or videos. The comments themselves can be quite entertaining.

2. Controversial content

When there is controversial content, people react to it. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. When people see these posts, there are interesting reactions to it. Expect to see more of these postings in the future.

ecosystem-growing-in-a-light-bulb3. Innovative content

Another way to get more views and reads is by creating content that’s different. It should be unlike anything else others have created. This is the best way to get more comments.

In addition to replies, you also get shares. Don’t be afraid to ask people to share with their friends. Some get caught up with the masses of information on social media, not realizing that they can share content.

4. Don’t delete comments

It’s one thing to delete responses if someone is harassing or threatening your business, but another if they are only negative. It’s good for customers to know that if someone personally attacks them, then you as the owner will remove them.

But if you have negative replies that are related to the rating or feedback of your product or service, leave them. The best businesses read these negative responses and learn from them. Perhaps they aid you in making your service or product better. Also, if you delete comments related to feedback, word can get out, and this discourages people from posting.

5. Ask people to share their stories

By watching celebrity social media pages, we see that people enjoy posting their own stories. For this reason alone, people scroll through the replies to read what others posted. Some of these stories may be sad, others humorous. Don’t be afraid of liking and commenting on your customer’s posts, too. This will encourage them to come back and visit your pages to see what’s new.

What kind of social media content gets comments?

how-to-set-up-your-virtual-feesPassionate, different, and exciting content get reactions. If you aren’t posting this kind of material, you need to find more things to share:

• A quick search of the news may help to find what you need.

• Browse other businesses’ pages to see what kind of content they’re sharing.

One of the problems many companies face is how to create the content needed for their blog or page.

Reach out for helpful social media tools

There are many services to provide content. All you have to do is look at a tool like, which will find material to keep your network entertained.

girl-sitting-with-cocktail-looking-at-her-phoneRemember that you need to share information that is viral and helpful in the niche that you are in. Sharing it outside your market may draw viewers, but they may have no interest in what you’re selling.

People comment and interact with what is different and unique. So, have a plan for what you are communicating and what you want to use on a regular basis.

You get more social media responses when you post content that you are passionate about. Also, information that is important to you and to the way you do business attracts readers.

Moving forward, consider how you’re going to provide valuable content to your customers. You may need to experiment a bit, but soon your unique information will draw in new viewers and readers. These people may become paying customers of your products and services.

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