Simply put, growth hacking is the process of identifying ways for growing your business. Employee accountability is an integral part of this job, and it’s an essential step in spreading the culture of growth.

growth-hacking-for-successUnfortunately, many entrepreneurs don’t have a system for growth hacking. Or, they refuse to spend the time sharing the outcome with the team.

A recent study shows that there is a need for entrepreneurs to collect and document these growth strategies. Sharing this information with their team and investing in a growth hacking culture creates higher interest in the organization.

Growth hacking is a system where marketers, stakeholders, and team members focus specifically on product and service development. The goal is to grow, increase revenue, and ultimately earn higher profits.

Another goal is to create the ideal culture of expansion inside the company.

Watch this video about the current situation of the growth hacking culture:

Entrepreneurs are not willing to share

Contrary to what most experts recommend, respondents don’t have a systematic process for sharing the wins and losses with their team.

growth-hacking-closed-up-informationAt least 73.7% of marketers do not divulge the results of the marketing and sales teams. When they refuse to reveal the information, it is hard for the company to determine its current value.

The poor level of employee accountability can affect the reputation of the firm and prevent the organization from achieving growth.

This failure of specific departments to be accountable can be detrimental to more than just its growth. It can also erode away the mental health of the company.

Learn from your losses

It can be dull for an individual to work for a company without having their efforts acknowledged. Even having someone tell them that the company had higher earnings than the last quarter can boost a person’s confidence.

growth-hacking-aloneBut sharing the wins is not the only mode for celebrating your success. Sharing a loss doesn’t necessarily discourage your team. It’s about being accountable and enhancing your credibility.

Losses can be looked at as something negative and not to be repeated. But remember that losses can also be a reason to celebrate. Your team can learn from it and do better the next time.

It may be difficult to get entrepreneurs to divulge this information. You may also want to share experiences with others outside the company. Remember that celebrating successes and losses with everyone adds value and trust to the products and services you sell.

The company that is willing to open itself up to criticism from customers and the general public is the one that works smarter. They have a solid understanding of how to improve.

Growth hacking is about everyone

growth-hacking-success-teamThis is more of a team sport. You can’t simply designate yourself or another person as a growth hacker and hope for the best. Every department in your company, from sales and marketing to creative and accounting, are responsible for the success of a firm.

It’s vital to use a process where everyone can track the daily changes and developments. If only a few people are involved, then there is a greater possibility that the maximum growth will never be achieved. Even the information about wins and successes can boost the team’s morale and provide additional inspiration.

Productivity software tracks your tasks, achievements, and growth. Be aware that you don’t want your employees to devote too much time tracking, failing to achieve their jobs. Choose wisely, and perhaps do it only for a specific period before deciding if it’s worth it.

Here are tips to share with your team to increase their daily productivity:

Find the right system for your company

When looking for a process or system to share successes and losses, identify one that everyone can experience and understand. And, do it on a daily basis.

growth-hack-team-meetingYou may not find the perfect growth hacking system immediately. It may take time to get your employees and stakeholders on the same page.

Many businesses offer a simple reward for people who step up to the plate. Those who go above and beyond what is required of their job.

A simple gesture, such as a coffee shop gift card or box of chocolates, can boost your team’s drive.

Spend time with your team to discuss your growth hacking results. Make company meetings more exciting with donuts or simply a break from the computer.

Inspire your company with an air of employee ownership. They, too, are involved with the success of your business. You may find other ways to engage them with rewards or recognition. As a result, your team members are on the same page.

Never assume that your team automatically understands growth hacking. Begin by educating everyone, then encourage them to join together to achieve greater success.

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