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Frank Goodman | February 16, 2018

When creating a company, you must have a strategy, and this client had just that. Angela, from Case Consulting Services, made the decision to start her business and gave us a call.

In this initial conversation, we focused on understanding her business. Angela had extensive experience as a project manager with an emphasis in process management. Being lovers of process, we could tell she was one bright bulb. Forgive us?! We had to use that line.

Angela requested a quick website to start her online presence, but her secret weapon was going to be an application that allows organizations to easily manage workflows to save time and money.

Right up our alley.

Case’s target customers would be in the Intelligence Community, and we know how much they love Java applications. Our founder, Frank, spent many years in that environment, so we completely understood the direction she wanted to take.

Both parties understood the government space, so we were clear on a few things. We knew we needed to use Java, have a great user experience (UX), and make it both secure and scalable. Since Angela had managed many technical projects, she knew the process.

While the website and branding were being created, we focused on continuing to gather and finalize the requirements of the application. After drafting the list, we quickly jumped into our prototyping phase, which ensures optimal flow and layout.

Next, we began the development phase.

Over the next six months, we delivered weekly updates and regular demos so that she could see the progress. We also set her up on our repository so that she had access to the code. Angela was pleased with our process and progress when we closed the project.

There is nothing like seeing a strategy morph into results. With this application, Angela was able to leverage her tool to acquire business and increase revenue. Her presentations are no longer words. Her prospects know that they can adopt her solution or trust her and her team to develop a custom one.

Continue to grow and do great things Case!

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