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SEO Quickie

  • By Bleeding Bulb
  • December 5, 2017

Managing a website, especially if you are running a small business, is an integral part of your digital marketing campaign. However, it will not produce the results you are looking for if you have low online visibility.

Charge Your Worth or Lose Your Passion

  • By Bleeding Bulb
  • November 14, 2017

When you’re creating the structure for your new business, it can be tempting to undercharge for your services. You may think you have many good reasons.

Funds Vanished into Thin Air

  • By Bleeding Bulb
  • September 3, 2017

At Bleeding Bulb, we hear stories that nearly break our hearts. Many stemming from malware, hacks, and being taken advantage of by development and consulting companies. This story didn’t have a simple fix or minor losses. Let’s start. We received a phone call from a guy by the name of Steve. At least that will […]

Unscrambling Social Media Platforms

  • By Bleeding Bulb
  • August 10, 2017

There are hundreds of social media platforms on the web, but some are more popular than others – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, SnapChat, and Periscope.

The Battle Between Native, Hybrid, and HTML5 Applications

  • By Bleeding Bulb
  • July 20, 2017

We know that technology has changed our world from desktops to laptops and now to mobile phones. People who go to school, travel, or stay at home are often on their phones 18 hours a day, so catering to this platform is essential. You may know that mobile apps, software that works on mobile telephones […]