Results are different when they flow from passion

A nation on citizens committed to bettering themselves and everyone around them.

You don’t have to be alone on your journey

Do you ever feel alone running your business, even if people are around? Maybe you feel it is your and your dreams against the world? Stop. Once you become a citizen, you are basically family. We share experiences, stories and breakthroughs. No need to feel insecure about your large or tiny dreams as ultimately we are all chasing success we defined. Not to be confused, we definitely give constructive criticism backed with alternatives, reasoning or ideas. Understand it is from a good place as this is what we all pledge. There is no point us all making the same mistake. Let’s save time and money.

What does it take to become a citizen?

To become a citizen you must go through the Ultimate path of Bulb Factory. Why you might ask? Have you ever been in a group where people didn’t take things serious so it basically amounted to a waste of time? Well that’s what we want to avoid. Business owners that complete our 8-week journey will all have a certain level of knowledge and would have tried many strategies. The amount of focus necessary to make it all the way through is a serious accomplishment we don’t take lightly. Honestly, many will start and then fall off. We feel strongly if someone can’t fight through 8-weeks without quitting, they probably aren’t the people we want to continue to build with.

We are chasing success and no extra baggage will be tolerated.

We don’t have all the answers

The best part is we don’t need to! Our nation consists of citizens with various backgrounds and experiences. We have to leverage each other to become stronger.

Together we can push each other to the next level

Relationships last forever

Don’t forget your discounts and goodies

Everyone that becomes a citizen will receive a metal id in the mail with your customer id lending you to discounts and free giveaways. Every citizen will also receive a t-shirt and mug with their brand on them.