You have two paths when developing an application at Bleeding Bulb: we manage your project or you manage it yourself.

our-virtual-development-team-officeNo matter the choice you make, we provide highly skilled developers for your virtual development team that scale without affecting the quality and efficiency of the code.

Our relationship with our team developed over time. We do not hire random freelancers from the many websites you hear about. Our developers sit together in a building with full benefits. We vet our engineers and ensure that they are aligned with our values and needed skill sets.

According to Kellogg School Professor Leigh Thompson, having an organized virtual team can be a difficult task to manage.

In this short video, she talks about four key challenges to managing your virtual team:


Two paths for your virtual development

easy-steps-for-managing-virtual-development-teamPath #1 – We manage your project

Expectations: Bleeding Bulb is responsible for the entire project.

– We oversee deadlines and the quality of overall delivery.

– The cost is slightly higher due to consulting and management fees.

– We handle everything from tasking to reporting. You just sit back and wait for notifications.

– No excuses, just results!

Path #2 – Manage your own project

Expectations: Build your virtual development team.

–    Bleeding Bulb is responsible for managing our development resource’s tasks.

–    You select your resources based on resumes we provide.

–    You are responsible for deadlines and the project’s success.

–    You are responsible for the quality of the project outside of our resources.

Whichever path you choose, we are always available to answer your tough questions.

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